Join Aqua Protocol’s Testnet Phase 2 Bug Bounty Program: A Hunt for Excellence!

Embark on a Mission to Perfect Decentralized Finance on the TON Blockchain


Welcome to the next wave of innovation with Aqua Protocol! As we gear up for our mainnet launch, we invite you to participate in our Testnet Phase 2 Bug Bounty Program. Your skills and insights are crucial in polishing our app, ensuring a robust and seamless user experience.

What’s in Store for You?

1. A Challenge to Uncover Bugs: Dive deep into the Aqua Protocol app. Your mission is to identify bugs, glitches, and areas for improvement. Every bug you find and report helps us enhance our platform’s stability and functionality.

2. Rewarding the Best Bug Hunters: We value your contributions! To recognize your efforts, the best bug hunters will receive exclusive rewards. This could range from special access privileges to monetary or token-based rewards. Your expertise won’t go unnoticed!

3. Points for Each Discovery: Every valid bug report earns you points. The more critical the bug, the higher the points. These points will reflect your contribution to refining Aqua Protocol.

4. Leaderboard and Recognition: Stay on top of your game and track your progress on our leaderboard (see current sprint). The top positions are reserved for those with an eye for the most impactful bugs.

5. Unique Contributions Matter: We’re looking for unique, non-repetitive bug findings. This approach ensures that we cover as much ground as possible in our testing phase.

6. A Personal Touch: Each bug report will be reviewed by our dedicated team, led by our DEFI Analyst, ensuring fairness and accuracy in the point allocation.

How to Join the Hunt?

Engage, Report, and Shine:

  • Regularly engage with the Aqua Protocol app (better every day to not miss new bugs).
  • Report the bugs through our designated platform, complete with detailed descriptions and evidence (screenshots or videos).
  • Follow our clear guidelines for effective bug reporting.

Submitting Your Findings:

Use our dedicated bug reporting platform (Google form) to submit your findings. Ensure that your reports are detailed and accompanied by supporting evidence.

Why Your Role Matters?

By participating in our Bug Bounty Program, you’re not just testing an app — you’re shaping the future of decentralized finance on the TON blockchain. Your insights are invaluable in our journey towards a seamless, secure stablecoin protocol on TON.

Ready to Make a Splash?

Join us in this exciting phase of our journey. Your expertise could be the key to unlocking the full potential of Aqua Protocol. Let’s dive into the world of bug hunting and make a significant impact together!

What to test? 🥁

Web Application (Website):;

Explore all the features, review the code, hunt for bugs — your discoveries are invaluable to us and will be rewarded!

Testnet Tasks:

  1. Switch your wallet to testnet (if you do not know how, read how to do it in tonkeeper wallet in the next paragraphs)
  2. Get test TONs for transactions via
  3. Go to
  4. Connect your wallet and click “Get Test Jettons” to get test stTon tokens
  5. Deposit test stTON as collateral and mint AquaUSD
  6. Check that AquaUSD is displayed in the account info below the input form
  7. Increase the collateral ratio (protection from liquidation) by adding more stTON and setting AquaUSD to 0
  8. Check that the collateral ratio has increased
  9. Withdraw all stTON funds to your wallet
  10. Try anything else.

More Explanation on how to use the app find in our youtube video:

How to switch to testnet and get test tokens? ⚙️

  • Set up any wallet convenient for you to interact with Aqua Protocol;
  • Switch to testnet (instructions specific to your wallet). For TonKeeper, go to settings → go down and tap very fast the logo 5 times. After that, in the developer menu that opens, change the network to testnet
  • Get test TON by using Telegram bot, solving captcha and entering your wallet address
  • “Get test jettons” on clicking to the button in-app (will be available after wallet connected);



Aqua Protocol (Stablecoin on TON)

AquaUSD is the first TON-native decentralised over-collaterized interest-bearing stablecoin backed by liquid-staked assets